Acid Alkaline Diet – Will it Work for You?

Acid Alkaline Diet

Just like everyone I am certain you want to be healthier and perhaps shed a few pounds along the way. The Acid Alkaline Diet is one of the most popular diet programs today, with many people attesting to its efficiency. Needless to say that doesn’t mean it could work for you. But I checked the diet out and this might help make up your mind.

What is the Acid Alkaline Diet?

The Acid Alkaline Diet was created by Michael Murray as a result of his own personal quest to become healthy and get in shape. According to Murray, this diet won’t just energize your body but also reduce stress and make you feel more alert even after eating.

The package includes the 94 page Acid-Alkaline Diet Simplified Home Study course. The manual is filled with a detailed food chart that will make it easy for you to check the effect of alkaline on your body. In addition, the course has a list of foods to avoid, how to hydrate yourself and more.

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The Benefits

One of the benefits of this diet program is that it doesn’t just provide a step by step guide to the Acid Alkaline Diet but according to Murray, also learn how to get as much calcium as possible from alkaline food. The diet program also tells you exactly what type of food to eat, as the course comes complete with recipes for dinner, lunch and breakfast.

Furthermore, the program comes with a quick start guide that will alkalize your body. With the step by step guide, you will see and feel the effects in three days or even in 24 hours. The program also includes audio files and reports concerning proper diet and healthy habits that you should learn.

I was aware of course that it is very easy for a product to make this or that claim, so I thought it was best to read independent reviews and verify the results.

Acid Alkaline Diet Reviews – What People are Saying

logoGiven the popularity of the diet, I wasn’t shocked to see numerous reviews of the products on the web. Not only are they numerous, but most of them have nothing but praise for it.

A reviewer of the diet program says the Acid Alkaline Diet offers a” comprehensive lifestyle plans on how to eliminate acids from your diet and experience better health with a more alkaline body” and that Murray’s work is an “excellent book, and an easy-to-follow”.

Another reviewer, this time at trustedietreviews, points out that the Acid Alkaline Diet “works, because it has you eating the right foods and staying away from the wrong ones”.

I have also read reviews from other people like Sharon from Pennsylvania who said that she now has “10 times more energy than before”. Based on the reviews, it seems that a lot of people do benefit from it.

Some Cons

Based on reviews, it seems that a lot of people are now living healthier, more energetic lives. But I must hasten to add that the Acid Alkaline Diet is not perfect, and that it requires discipline. All the steps are clearly outlined but unless you follow the instructions to the letter you you won’t see any improvement.

Also, I have to point out the course manual is online, so there is no physical copy of the book. But I don’t think this will really be much of a problem as the course manual, while detailed, is very easy to comprehend.

Advice for Buyers

If you want to buy the Acid Alkaline Diet it is available on its official website for only $27. After you order, you will gain instant access to the e-book and the other items. However, this is only a limited time offer; after the offer expires, the price will go back to the regular $57.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee so if the diet does not live up to your expectations you will get a full refund. I must emphasize that the package is available from their official site only, so stay away from those other sites claiming that they will sell it for you at a low price.

Final Recommendation

After studying the Acid Alkaline Diet extensively and reading the reviews, I must say that this diet does work. By following the simple guidelines, you’ll become healthier and more energized.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it can change your life, so I have to give it a recommendation with no reservations at all. It does require patience on your part, but for a healthier and more energetic body (not to mention affordable), it should be worth it.

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