Alkaline Antioxidant Water

Ionized or alkaline antioxidant water is a carbonated type of mineral water. While there is no denying the benefits of natural water, ionized water has more elements that help the body fight off disease. The water also has some therapeutic effects.

Body pH Level

Ionized water helps the body maintain the appropriate PH level. The pH level is used to gauge the acid and the alkaline in the body. If the pH level is not right, you will experience fatigue or tire quickly.

This can also lead to weight gain. Too much acid can lead to unsettled stomachs and heartburn. By drinking ionized water, the pH level is set at the proper level. The aforementioned problems can
also be avoided.

Ionized Water as Antioxidant

Because the liquid has antioxidant properties, other health problems can be treated. Aside from the ones mentioned earlier, indigestion can be eliminated. Constipation, stomach cramps, and even headaches can be removed too.

Drinking and Cooking with Ionized Water

You can get these benefits not just by drinking ionized water, but also cooking with it. Boiling with this water can speed up cooking. At the same time cooking is improved because it is acid-iron based.

This element interacts with the food and enhances the taste of ingredients. Using alkaline antioxidant water also brings out the nutrients in food. Aside from boiling, the water can be used when frying.

Improving Blood Flow

As ionized water gets rid of the toxins, oxygen is increased. At the same time, the body is able to absorb nutrients more efficiently. This also helps the body hydrate more effectively.

With the extra oxygen, hydration goes into the cells. This also protects the cells. At the same time, the water helps steady the blood flow. As the blood flow steadies, health is improved overall.

The Link between Acidity, Disease and Aging

Too much acid in the body contributes to a host of diseases, from arthritis to high blood pressure. High acid levels also have a negative impact on the skin. This in turn causes aging.

The longer and the more acids are kept in the body, the quicker the skin will age. By drinking alkaline antioxidant water, the acid level can be reduced. Regular drinking of the water also makes the body less vulnerable to ailments. They also help the body recover from illnesses.

How is this Water Made?

Ionized water can be made by using a distiller, a water ionizer or adding pH drops to water. The water ionizer is an apparatus secured to the tap. This produces alkaline in the water. There are many types of purifiers and filters for sale.

These products are widely available, so you can find one without too much trouble. Once you start drinking the water, you can experience its many health advantages.

There are many more benefits you can gain from alkaline antioxidant water. The bottom line is, regular consumption will cleanse the body and make it disease resistant. It also makes you look younger, so it improves physical appearance too.


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