Alkaline Drinking Water

Everyone knows the benefits of drinking water. However, the tap water we drink is not pure. There are impurities present that make it acidic. Ionized or alkaline drinking water gets rid of these impurities, making them healthier to drink. Because they eliminate toxins, ionized water boosts the body’s health system too.

What Alkaline Does

Alkaline gets rid of the acid wastes produced by the body. These wastes come from the various food and beverages that you drink. It also helps eliminate other toxins within the body. It acts like a filter that throws out the harmful elements in the human body. At the same time, it fortifies the organs by cleansing them.

How Ionized Water is Created

There are three methods you can try: utilize a distiller, employ a water ionizer or put in alkaline ingredients in the water.


Distillation destroys all the microorganisms, germs, bacteria and other contaminants present in the water. At the same time, viruses and other harmful metals are removed too. The process makes the water pure. This takes out the acid toxins and sets the pH level right.

Water Ionizer

A water ionizer works by ionizing the water. The process works as the ionizer runs electrodes, positive and negative on the water. The process separates the water into two components: acidic (30%) and alkaline (70%).

There are many types of ionizers that can be used to make alkaline drinking water. Ionizers are more expensive than distillers, but are easier to use. You just need to fasten it to the tap. This automatically produces water at the desired pH level.

Alkaline Ingredients

Alkalinity can be increased by putting in certain ingredients like lemon. However, it is best if you add these ingredients after running the water through an alkaline filter.

To use lemon, just squeeze the juice into the water. Adding lemon to water makes it a good detoxifier. This boosts the strength of your kidneys and liver.

You can also use pH drops to add alkaline to water. These are available in health stores and online. Usually you just need to add a few drops to the water. The amount you add will vary per product, so you need to check the package for instructions.

Advantages of Ionized Water over Tap Water

It is true that water can flush out toxins from the body. However, too much acid waste can make this process difficult. Using ionized water, the process becomes faster. The toxins in the bloodstream are placed in the kidneys and liver. From there they are detoxified and the harmful elements destroyed.

The results are stronger organs. The heart, kidneys and liver function more easily because there are no more contaminants. This makes the body physically stronger. It also helps rejuvenate the skin, making people look younger.

The immune system is also strengthened. This helps the body recover quickly from colds and flu. Alkaline also helps in digesting food and avoiding constipation.

The benefits of alkaline drinking water are numerous. By simply making it a part of your diet, health problems can be avoided.


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