Alkaline Water Machine

An alkaline water machine or water ionizer is a device used to ionize tap water. The ionization process destroys the harmful contaminants and leaves water untainted and unpolluted. By removing these elements, the benefits of the water increase.


Electrolysis is the process used by ionizers to purify water. What happens is that acid and alkaline elements are separated. This is achieved by using electrical charges. Although the machines have different features, they all work on this principle.

Self Cleaning Capability

If you are going to buy water ionizers, make sure it has self cleaning features. This feature makes it more convenient to use. At the same time, it ensures the water is readily available.

A good water ionizer should clean itself during and after you stop drawing water. Because it self cleans, particles will not get stuck in the ionizer chamber. This also prevents any buildup on the electrodes.

About pH Levels

These ionizers let you choose from various pH levels, with some able to go up to pH 11. However, keep in mind that your water source can determine the pH level generated. The harder the water, the greater the alkaline produced. Hard water contains plenty of calcium and magnesium.

The Health Benefits of Ionized Water

When water is treated in an alkaline water machine, contaminants are discarded and needed minerals are put in. Drinking the water slows aging, fights cancer and boosts body metabolism. Your energy level goes up as well.

The colon and other organs are cleaned as well. If used in cooking, food nutrients will be absorbed more successfully. You will see green vegetables become greener and rice glistening.

Notes on Installation

Most of these devices are fastened to the kitchen tap. The way they are configured may vary, but the hardware needed to put them in place is included.

There are also ionizers that come with on/off water valves. This will let you plumb to the water supply below the sink. If you use this option a lot, there are under-the-counter installation packages available.

Other Features

Almost all models sold today can eliminate phenols, odor, and unpleasant taste in the water. They can also get rid of chlorine. A lot of these ionizers have elements that add calcium, magnesium and other minerals to the water. Some are designed to reduce sodium fluoride too. Some of these ionizers can be used with a private well.

Tips for Buyers

Only buy durable ionizers. Cheap ones will deteriorate within a few months or a year. The good ones will last for several years. There are many review sites on the Web.

Before you buy one, read some reviews. Get an idea of what people are saying about it. Read other products so you can compare the features. If you need one for a private well, read the instructions carefully. You may need to provide the manufacturer with details of the well water analysis.

By using an alkaline water machine, you can remove the harmful contaminants in water. This also turns tap water into an antioxidant that cleanses your body.


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