Alkaline Water Purifier

As the name suggests, an alkaline water purifier is used for cleansing natural water. By harnessing this utility, the contaminants present in the liquid are eliminated. The end result is healthier ionized water, beneficial for people.

Not an Ordinary Filter

An ordinary filter uses reverse osmosis (also known as distillation). By contrast, an ionized water filter keeps all the minerals required by the body.

The unhealthy elements (like excess acid) are removed from the water. This method of separating the good and bad elements is what distinguishes it from ordinary filters.

Advantages over Bottled Water

Apart from being healthier, these filters can be used anytime. There is no need to keep buying bottle after bottleaaa. Having these filters around means you do not have to stock up on water. In the end, ionized water costs less than bottled water.

Features to Look for

There are many types of filters, so you need to look around carefully. These devices have multiple filtration levels. Some levels go up to six or more. Many high end models have a stainless steel spout.

Another nice feature to have would be a built-in voice messaging system. This will notify you if the filter is expiring. They can also provide instructions on how to use the machine. Some alkaline water purifiers also have a filter life display so you can
know when the filter has to be changed.

A wide pH range selection is ideal. There are also some models that have a calcium insert chamber. Home owners will also want the unit to be flexible. Some units can be set on the countertop while others placed to the wall. The better quality filters will offer both options.

You should also check if the filter has self cleaning capabilities. This feature will lengthen its lifespan. Some devices also have a pre-filter system. This provides you with the choice of fluoride or regular. A water flow sensor determines if the water coming in is at the optimum level.

Take your time in comparing these products. Manufacturers are putting a lot of extra features in these devices, so you need to determine how beneficial they are.

The Benefits of Purified Ionized Water

When water has been alkanized, it becomes more effective at hydrating. The other benefit is it restores the acid balance to the body. Tap water is too acidic. Too much acid in the body leads to indigestion, heartburn and other problems. When the balance is restored, these health problems are kept at bay.

When water is alkanized, it gets antioxidant properties. Studies have shown that antioxidants have cancer fighting capabilities. It can also help fight other ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure.

A glass of ionized water has the same nutrients as a glass of natural orange juice. Ionized water also has calcium and magnesium, which is good for the body.

The advantages of using alkaline water purifiers are now being recognized in scientific circles as well. Because it eliminates the toxins in the body, you end up feeling rejuvenated and stronger.


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