Alkaline Water Systems

Alkaline water systems can refer to water ionizers, filters or purifiers. While there are some differences between them, their basic function is the same. They can change natural water into alkaline / ionized water.

How do the Water Ionizers Work?

The procedure involves sorting out water into the acid and alkaline components. This procedure (known as electrolysis) is done through the use of electric charges. These ionizers have many components, but all of them use electrodes.

Why Filtration is Important

These filters are used to manage the bacteria, contaminants and other potentially dangerous organisms in the water. What some people do not realize is that water coursed through the pipes and into the faucet is chemically treated. Vital minerals are lost and unhealthy trace chemicals often seep in.

An alkaline filter has these components called diodes. These diodes produce negative or positive ions which alkanize the water.
Note: technically, the filters are part of the ionizer system. But these products are known as alkaline filters, alkaline purifiers or just ionizers. Do not be confused.

What Happens When You Drink Alkanized Water?

The most significant benefit of ionized water is restoring acid balance. Unhealthy diet, pollution and unfiltered water create acid imbalance. This imbalance weakens the body. Ionized water sets the balance right. Among the health benefits are improved digestion, regular bowel movement and normal blood pressure.

By using an alkaline water system, the water gets antioxidant properties. These antioxidants help keep the skin looking fresh and elastic. They also prevent hair thinning and loss.

Drinking ionized water also provides the body with a natural disinfectant. The water penetrates through the cells, leading to better hydration. The organs of the body are cleaned. The detoxification process accelerates as well.

Ionizer Features and Specs

There are many types of water ionizers and filters. Their features will vary, with manufacturers trying to distinguish their product from others in the market. However, there are features that are particularly useful.

A one touch operation will be handy for those with several pH settings. Some sort of indicator will be necessary to inform you of the pH level you are at. Some systems also have triple diaphragms and valves to fine tune water flow.

All the top quality brands have some sort of system cleanup feature. These are used to keep the device clean. The high end products let you use the unit without waiting for the cleaning cycle. A lot of these alkaline ionizers have multiple installation options.

Tips for Buyers

Read some online reviews first. If one product gets a positive review, check other sites. If it keeps getting good feedback, it is a good choice. You should take time to learn about alkaline and how these systems work. It will help you decide what to buy.

After you buy an alkaline water system, you will be able to experience the benefits of ionized water. The time you spent researching the subject will pay off as you notice your energy level go up and health improve.


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