Alkalize Water

There are several ways to alkalize water. You can use alkaline tablets, baking soda or use a water ionizer. The following are some of the methods you can try out.

Use Alkaline Tablets or Drops

These tablets are added into a glass. Instead of tablets, you can use droplets. The amount you add will depend on the product specifications. Usually, the amount is two drops per one eight ounce glass.

Use Baking Soda

Mix ½ teaspoon of baking soda for every gallon of water. Shake the container so the soda and water combine. Get a pH test strip and check the pH level. If the level reaches 9, you can stop adding baking soda. Note how much soda is added so you can repeat it easily.

Use a Water Ionizer

These are machines used to transform tap water into ionized water. These machines are installed in different ways. Once the unit is configured, it changes tap water to alkaline automatically.

These ionizers are also used in industries to keep food sanitized. The ionizer works by producing electrical charges. This brings the pH level up and removes the acids.

Why pH Level is Important

The lower the pH level, the more acidic it is. pH level 7 is regarded as neutral. The pH in the stomach is around 1 to 2. When you alkalize water, the pH level goes up to 8 to 10. When the pH level goes up, the less acidic the water becomes.

Significance of Low pH Levels

When the acid level goes down, health benefits are gained. Heartburn and indigestion are reduced. As the process is reversed, nutrients are kept in the body. When the acid level is high, these nutrients are lost.

Another benefit of low pH levels is hindering the development of pathogenic bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for producing sickness. When the pH levels are set properly, the immune system is kept right.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of ionized water are long term. For example, arthritis, back pain, and fatigue can be eliminated. Other ailments associated with a high acid diet are reduced. When the water intake is regular, the digestive health system improves.

The energy level goes up. Symptoms of acidity are also eliminated. Damage caused by free radicals is also eliminated. This limits the amount of damage it can do to the skin. This is how alkaline helps the skin look younger.

How Ionized Water Works

When you alkalize water, removal of acid waste products becomes easier to do. Natural water usually does this job, but once acid build up is too large, removal can be very difficult.

When water cannot remove the excess acid waste, the body becomes acidic. When you take ionized water, the pH level goes up and balance is restored. This water also lubricates joints, so the muscles get stronger.

The health advantages you get when you alkalize water are substantial. Using an ionizer or alkaline tablets, your body will obtain the nutrients necessary to keep it strong.


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