Ionized Alkaline Water

There is no questioning the importance of water in our lives. However, tap water pH levels are much lower than what the body requires. Ionized alkaline water on the other hand, has the right pH level needed by the human body to stay healthy.

An Antioxidant

Ionized water is an antioxidant. Antioxidants help the body fight aging and boost the immune system. Eating unhealthy food and exposure to pollution produces toxins in the body.

These will weaken the body and make you more susceptible to sickness. Water usually removes these toxins, but a lot of them are left behind. Another problem is that tap water has impurities, which weaken its capabilities.

Ionized water performs the same function as water but more effectively. Because of its alkaline properties, detoxification is much quicker and efficient.

Acid Neutralizer

Ionized water also helps the body maintain the right alkaline pH level. Ionized water has a pH level of 8.5 or 9, higher than tap water. This high level counteracts the acidity in the bloodstream.

High acid levels are caused by consuming junk food. This is also caused by the high acid level of water. This acids turn into acid wastes. These are the elements that ionized water can eliminate.

Energy Booster

Once ionized alkaline water starts cleaning the body, it triggers a chain reaction. First it helps the kidneys and other organs eliminate the toxins. Its detoxification properties means the organs have to do less work.

Once the toxins are eliminated, the ionized water keeps acting as a filter to sort out these toxins. Compared with ordinary and bottled water, ionized water disposes of these unhealthy elements more rapidly.

This boosts the functionality of the organs. The heart has to exert less effort to pump oxygen out. All the organs benefit. This increases the body’s energy level as well as boost metabolism. Ionized water also rejuvenates the skin.

Efficient Toxin Repellent

Ionized water also has a different molecular structure compared to ordinary water. It has smaller clusters. This allows the liquid to penetrate cells more easily. This leads to hydrated body tissues which help destroy toxins.

Stronger Body Resistance

The elimination of acid wastes makes the body stronger. Clinical studies have shown that these acids make the body more susceptible to ailments like arthritis.

The more you drink ionized water, the quicker body balance will be restored. Other diseases your body will become resistant to are osteoporosis, indigestion, high blood pressure and obesity. Its alkaline properties also help you reduce weight.

Other benefits include strengthening the body capacity to fight viruses. It also helps the body fend off free radicals. These elements can be the cause of various diseases as well as accelerate aging. Ionized water keeps this element in check, so the aging process is slowed.

The best thing about ionized alkaline water is that it is easy to make. You just need to add a few pH drops to ordinary water and it will be ionized. Or you can use a water ionizer instead.


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